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Reblog if you want a love-letter from a fictional character




I will write a love letter from a fictional character for every one who reblogs this. Just put in the tags who you’d like it from

I did 100,000+ pick up lines last year and I’ll do even more love letters!! I will get everyone!

omg YES!!!! I have a preference though. Rand al’Thor, Mat Cauthon, or the Doctor. :) 

Yes please!

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The best way to dehumanize someone while claiming you’re not is to believe you are just the same. You erase their experiences and perspective, their struggles and obstacles, their unique way of having to deal with those things in a world that also erases them. With the words, ‘but humans are humans’ or the bullshit dramatics of ‘we all bleed red’ normal people can simply pretend that if we all did things the way they did, then everything would work out okay. But, yes, we all bleed red but you don’t treat a papercut the same way you treat a gash, you don’t treat an infected wound the same way you treat one that isn’t, you don’t treat a wound to the leg the same way you treat a wound to the gut. You are not acknowledging someone’s personhood when you ignore the very things that make their lives different than yours, and when you refuse to understand that their circumstances have given them their own perspective that is just as valid as yours. More valid in fact – their perspective about their experiences that you haven’t been through is far more valid than anything you could ever think about it.

The danger of worldviews (Speaking when the world sleeps)

“I am you. Prepared to do anything. Prepared to burn. Prepared to do what ordinary people won’t do. You want me to shake hands with you in hell? I shall not disappoint you” -Sherlock

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I think this gifset’s kinda funny. 

Chris: *hot pose*

David: *hot pose*

Matt: *hot pose*

Billie: *I’m freaking gorgeous*

Freema: “Yeah, so am I*

Karen: “Goofy but still beautiful*

John: *I don’t know how to stand in front of a camera (or an audience of any kind) and NOT look like I’m about to invite you to bed*

Catherine: *I’m freakin’ hot, and if you say otherwise you’ll meet my really pretty fist*

Arthur: *Mom, did you put the pudding cup in my lunch bag? I’m not seeing it.*

I’ve never seen the cast of Doctor Who summed up better in a photoset.

Or in an analysis of their poses

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so this girl at my school was mad at me so on facebook she sent me


instead of correcting her spelling, i just took her profile picture and made this and sent it to her


she doesn’t get it

Stupid people. Stupid people everywhere.

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Depression (of sorts)

The other day I was talking to a friend and I asked her what fandoms she was in. I was trying to introduce her to doctor who. She tried to think of some but couldn’t. Finally, she said: well, I am a directioner. It took all of my will power not to smack her in the face. I failed.